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Giving a global lubricants business a smooth new look

Mon 23 Apr 2012

"Following a management buy-in, Metalube needed a face-lift and Threefold's input has been invaluable. They answered our brief perfectly and we are more than delighted with the results. In fact, Threefold now feels very much an extension of our team. From identity, exhibitions, brochures, packaging and website – Metalube now looks and feels like a business ready to embrace the 21st century.

Thank you Threefold."

Doug Hunt, Commercial Director, Metalube

The challenge

Metalube is an established UK industrial lubricants specialist who export across the world. Following a management buy-in, we were asked to give them a much needed rebrand, befitting their position as global market leaders in their field.

What was required was evolution rather than revolution. They needed to look modern and forward thinking without losing the familiarity and confidence which came from their existing brand.

The solution

We first identified what made Metalube stand out and focused on the key benefits to the customer. Armed with this, we set about creating a brighter, more contemporary identity, focusing first on the barrel design - the thing that customers saw being delivered.

We then followed this up with a new-look optimised website. As well as an Indian and Chinese version, the English (Western) site included downloadable files translated for the Brazilian and French markets. This gave the site the ability to evolve with additional languages, while its flexible design and content management systems allowed new products to be easily added.

The refreshed identity was then fed into everything from new sales literature and e-marketing campaigns to stationery and exhibition designs, for a consistent and crafted suite of collateral.

The results

Happy clients thanks to happy customers. Web traffic increased dramatically, while strong marketing collateral improved sales activities. The new branding also enjoyed a successful launch at Wire 2012, a key trade event in Dusseldorf, with much interest from emerging world markets, especially South America. In fact, following the event, Metalube now have a presence in Brazil and are currently exporting to over 85 countries.

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