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Parking old ideas about traffic wardens for Calderdale Council

Mon 23 Apr 2012

"We were delighted with the campaign which really answered the brief and got all the key messages over. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Threefold."

Debbie Calcott, Parking Services Manager, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

The challenge

Say the words 'Traffic Warden' and everyone shudders. So, when Calderdale Council took over the responsibility of parking enforcement from the police (as part of a national government scheme) they asked us to change perceptions by creating a campaign promoting not only their open and fair approach, but also educating motorists about the problems of bad parking.

The solution

Following extensive research, we discovered that we needed to highlight a number of key messages. First, was the problems bad parking causes such as congestion, accidents, inconvenience and blocking spaces.

Then, we looked at the benefits of 'good' parking, such as improved traffic flow, easier to find parking spaces, reduced pollution, fewer traffic queues from obstructions and safer streets.

In addition, we aimed to dismiss the old traffic warden image by focusing on the positive role of the 'parking attendant' and reinventing them as people who are there to help and be part of the community.

Finally, we created a 'fine by us' theme that tackled the important message that in order to enjoy the benefits of good parking there must be a tough stance on bad parking.

All these messages formed an eye-catching campaign comprising of 48-sheet posters, streetlight posters, bus advertising, literature, pay and display ticket advertising and windscreen leaflets.

The results

We're pleased to say that the campaign was a success, reaching out to the public and educating them to Calderdale Council's new parking enforcement responsibilities and the part they played in it. The campaign itself having high visibility across the region and targeting all motorists at every part of their journey.

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